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How does a teen help out HANDS-ON with exotic animals?
I love love love animals, and I want to get hands-on experience with them. I would love to do it with exotic animals, like monkeys especially, and birds and large cats and what not. I live in Eugene, Oregon and we don't have Zoo, that's the only issue.
Young teens cannot work directly with exotic animals. You could volunteer at a sanctuary near you right now and help prepare meals and such. Then when you get older you will be able to get more hands-on experience with the animals.

If you want to actually to be able to handle those animals when you get older, avoid any AZA zoo, as they do not allow any keepers to handle the animals at all.

I suggest you consider taking zoology courses. Also there are individual courses that teach you how to properly handle and care for exotics.
What are teen books that take place in hawaii or australia or other exotic place?
i am looking for books that are good that take place in hawaii or australia or other exotic places that have to do with surfing or are just good. i dont really care what they are about as long as they are good and are not like a history book or anything and are good for someone whos 16 years old
Hi, I've found a few that you might like. They are all teen novels, with a setting outside of the US:
"Old Magic" by Marianne Curley, set in Australia
"The China Garden" by Liz Berry, set in England
"Cruel Summer" by Alyson Noel, set in Greece (out May 08)
"The Pirate's Son" by Geraldine McCaughrean, set in Madagascar

This is the only teen surfing novel I found:
"Dade County's Big Summer" by Lesley Howarth

Also, a good site to check out might be:

Hope some of these interest you, and happy reading! : )
What are some "exotic"/interesting hobbies for teens?
By exotic I mean something like belly dancing, but no sports like soccer or any other please. :)
How about candle making? Candle making is not really that hard, but you do have to be cautious (making candles involves high temperatures, flammable substances, and potentially harmful chemicals). The beginner should start with container candles (usually in tins or glass jars) as this will get you some experience working with waxes, wicks, dyes, and scents. Note that there are many different types of waxes (container, pillar, soy, gel) and scents (not all are all safe together). I would recommend that you look at some of the sites I provided links to, take a lesson, or buy an introduction book/video. There is a lot of good and bad information out there, please use caution.

www.candlesandsupplies.com (good for kits, supplies, info, videos, etc)
groups.yahoo.com/group/candlemaki… (great on-line group)
groups.yahoo.com/group/candleques… (great on-line group)
candleandsoap.about.com/ (good instructions)
www.candlecauldron.com/ (a very informative site)
www.gatehousecandles.com/ (my site)

Hope this helps
What kind of pets are best for teens. i am an active teen i like to walk and jog, what pet should i get?
I was looking along thelines of a dog, or an exotic pet. i have 2 piranhas, 2 oscars, and a betta, so you know i'm not for exactly cuddly guinea pigs. I just want to know what type of dog is best for a teen.
if you like to be active and want a dog with a lot of energy you should get a working dog. these dogs are born to be active and love to excercise all the time. the top ten in this category are: boxers, rottweilers, doberman pinscher, great dane, siberian husky, mastiff, saint bernard, bullmastiff, newfoundland, and the bernese mountain dog. you can go to this site and it will tell you the details of these dogs.
What's a good halloween costume for a teen girl?
I want it to be cute, maybe a little exotic, cheap, but not overly sexy.. Links or pictures please! Thanks(: Also, I'm a bit petite and not too busty so keep that in mind. Thanks!
Wonderwoman or Supergirl, www.halloweengirls.net/superhero-…
How is teen nightlife in Hawaii?
Im a 20-years old european. My friends and I thought about going to Hawaii in september. At home we can party like hell. But we thought about going somewhere exotic for a change. Besides hiking & fishing, we would like to go out a couple of times. Are there any good clubs under 21? Or even better: How easy can you join beach or house parties, if there are any?

Which island? Oahu? There is some teen nightlife there and more naughty teen life for the boys. On the other islands, teen life is almost non-existent.
What do I do about my jealous pre teen ?
Her pre teen cousin is rich and has everything and brags about it to my pre teen. from cell phones to exotic vacations to designer clothes and more !! even bragging about how her aunt favors her over my daughter !!

My daughter is miserable/crying today - what do i do ? I have tried talking to her but she keeps saying its not fair that her cousin has everything and gets everything ( favorite grandguy too ) She has told her cousin it bothers her when she brags but she doesnt stop.

my daughter cries
ohhhhhhh, the joys of having a "tween". Boy do I remember my daughters and the drama filled days that never seem to end because something wasn't fair, or so and so didn't play with me, or so and so got this and they didn't.
Well, you have tried talking and your daughter has told her cousin it bothers her when she brags.....so, this is what you do. Do those quality things you enjoy doing with your daughter and make your time and your family time with her special. It doesn't and shouldn't involve "money" or "things"...because believe me, your pre-teen niece has alot of "things" but sounds like she is lacking in love and I bet she has a big fat void in her life, otherwise why would she feel the need to brag.
You just need to keep reinforcing to your daughter that life is not about things and to enjoy those moments in life not associated with materialistic things. And I would tell her that if her cousin continues to brag and it bothers her, to find a polite way of ending the phone call.

Good luck....it will get tiring and wearing but the drama will eventually lighten up.
What's a good title for a teen fantasy romance story ?
i need a bit of help with a title for my story, i don't want anything cheesy and i want something that sounds catchy and exotic. my story is about teen love. its about a girl and a boy [obviously] who fall in love but its forbidden because the boy is from a completely different world called Zsork or something like that. He's not weird or alienish he's really good-looking etc , anyway he has to choose between worlds and stuff like that. I need a good title. I've thought of;
Different Worlds - but thats a bit boring ??
I don't know but help would be appreciated & i need it ASAP !!
Thanks. !
The boy from Zsork
Forbidden love
Separate worlds
Boy from the stars
Galactic love

TEENS: which do you prefer all-american look, or an exotic look?
are you more attracted to that girl/boy next door look (ex: blonde hair blue eyes etc) or a more exotic look (ex: dark hair, dark eyes, etc)?

just curious

can you put yout age and gender too thanks!
It really depends on the person and what they can pull off. I've seen some really ugly people with blonde hair and blue eyes and very ugly people with dark hair and dark eyes. I prefer guys with dark hair and light eyes, but that's my personal preference.

Where I live, everyone has blonde hair and blue eyes. I was the only girl in my class last year with brown hair. So it also depends on the area, the majority of the United States actually has dark hair and dark eyes, so it's more the person's features than their hair and eye color.

~ Caty
Has female sexuality changed a lot over recent years while mens stayed the same?
a popular trend with female teens is to take sexual, exotic, erotic pics & poses. from my experience most females show a lot of guilt for even being a sexual being.

what do you think the explanation is for teen girls or any females for that matter expressing theyre sexuality so overtly over the last several years? & do you think this is good, bad, healthy, etc...?
Individuals should enjoy their own sexuality without exploiting themselves IMO.
Why don't you take a Human Psychology/Sexuality course and decide for YOURSELF whether or not what you believe to be 'popular trends' are '...good, bad, healthy, etc.'

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