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Would i make a good teen model (Again cause it didnt work the first time, my profile was private)?
I would want to be a model for Urban outfitters or american aparrel or something like that. Please dont recommend hot topic. I hate that place
Well, if I were you I would change my hair cause personally I'm not digging it but other than that your dress and style seems pretty much like a good match for Urban outfitters and/or american aparrel. You have a kind of different face too(it's a nice face don't worry ^_^)so that's a plus. Also why do you hate hot topic? Have you ever been in there and actually really looked around? They got some pretty cool colored jeans/pants, along with some really great band t-shirts, and they also carry a wide selection of some pretty snazzy jewlery. I've bought stuff there and I'm not(what you are probably thinking of) some creepy dark emo goth.
Where can I find Pre-teen modeling sites for my daughter?
Our daughter is 9 and very cute. She loves to play dress-up, wear big girl shoes and make-up, etc. She wants to be a "sexy model" as she calls it. As parents, we are not prude and believe our daughter should be allowed to express her interests and talents and grow from it. We believe she has the ability to compete and win. We are not talking nude modeling, obviously. We are totally against that and believe that anyone participating in such should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We know there are some who are adamantly opposed to the provocative dressing and posing by guyren. Many others are not. We respect everyones point of view. Please don't turn this into a debate. That's not the purpose of our posing this question. We just want to further our research on the subject and think looking at some websites that feature this type of thing (legal, non-nude sites only!!!!) would help us reach a better, more educated decision on where to go with this whole concept. Thank's for your objectivity and help.
I understand that you don't want to turn this into a debate, but I have some concerns about a 9-yr-old wanting to be a "sexy model". Does she really understand what "sexy" means? At her age, I think an emphasis on appearance and glamour is developmentally inappropriate. It's not prudishness, it's a concern for guys getting into things they don't understand and aren't ready for. I think you should encourage her in wholesome, community-centered activities instead. (Girl scouts, etc.) Activities where the emphasis is on being a friend and using your talents to help others.

I understand that this isn't the answer you're looking for, but frankly, I would be worried about a 9-yr-old who wants to be "sexy" and is aiming for a career where even grown women get used up and exploited.
I am looking for a hot n sexy site of beautiful girls?
I just don't like porn but i love to see hot and sexy gils/womens/teens. I love beauty. So do u know any site. hot sexy, seductive, sensous models. Even if it is a photograhers profile. I like the show america's next top models. There photoshoots are exellent. I like that likd of works.
Teen models[what do you think about them]?
okay so-a-days people are taking advantage of little guys beauty and are taking more then just regular pictures, if you search google teen models i bet 90% of them will be nude or be in a sexy pose, i just want to know what people think about this

i think it's wrong even if the guy/ mother agree to take these pictures
Have you done such a search? Are 90% of the under 18 year old models posing nude? I think not.

Each culture has its own views on what is sexual and what is natural, but we live in the real world and the laws say that anyone under the age of 18 may not be photographed nude or in sexually provocative poses ... Period.

The consequences of doing this are serious to say the least..

Even during fashion shoots there are sometimes "costume malfunctions". If any part of the females nipple, aureole or pubis shows, the image must be destroyed as soon as it is noticed by anyone on the shoot or during the first edit.

BTW, even mothers cannot override the law.
Teen girls: if you had all it takes would you want to be a model who exposes herself after age 18?
i mean would you have the guts to be a model who is able to wear the sexiest outfits and very revealing things, and very tiny pieces and pose sexy. not only innocent swimsuits and underwear.

me, i would definitely not. if i was as pretty as a model and i could be a model i still wouldn't because i think posing to a camera and being so exposed near strangers most of the time isn't for me and isn't who i am. even if it sometimes seems glamorous and fun i wouldn't do it.

but i was wondering how t is for other girls and if they would agree on being that kind of model?
I think it's weird.Random guys are jacking off to your image isn't that a tad creepy. Personally i would never i would feel too exposed and also if my family saw i would be dead.
Bristol Palin tells teens about abstinence then goes out acting sexy. I don't want her as a role model for my?
daughter do you?
She is a poor model in some cases, she had a guy when she was a teen so she does not practice what she is now preaching. Bristol Palin is listed on the speaking group's website as available for conferences, fundraisers, special events and holidays, as well as women's, youth, abstinence and "pro-life" programs. Minimum cost for each appearance: $15,000. Very lucrative for the "do as I say and not as I had done" role model. Yet many teen mothers have real struggles and make less than $15,000 a year. So she does not face the reality of raising a guy as a teenage mother "successfully" but goes around preaching about. The only "role model" credentials she possess is that she is the daughter of a well-known Conservative and former candidate for VP.
To be a real role model - she should focus on raising her guy, day in and day out (unlike her mother who is on the circuit tour - making money - and ignoring 2 year old Trig). If she can juggle and support her family, work and possibly achieve a college degree - now that is a role model. The reality is, there are not many teenage moms out there in the privileged situation she us in. Her parents are currently not short of money.

Instead she pursues the "role model" talking circuit - and is more a self-serving parasite, bringing a disservice to the many teenage mothers and youths out there. The dancing with stars situation is an excuse to put herself on the market as she is certainly still looking for a eligible man.
Who knows a site that has teen models on them???
no sites that have porn on it just sight that have 16 or 15 yr old models that dont wear sexy lil outfits!!!!
Why is being sexy so "gay" to a lot of straight teen boys?
I guess it's a mix of immaturity and hidden homophobia right? My boyfriend isn't the typical teenage boy, he's quite mature for his age and says that he has nothing against gays and isn't homophobic. But he does use the phrase "that's so gay" a lot and won't take up any good appearance enhancing habits and techniques I throw his way. He has only one brother, his dad's a farmer (proper old fashioned guy type) and his mom's a hippy who doesn't wear any make-up, jewllery, perfume or use hair products! But even she said he should cut his hair more and exercise and eat better! I'll admit he's tried skinny jeans for me and used to take care of his hair when we first started going out, but now it's "too gay" to do that or have it shorter. I'm glad he's no poser and doesn't take long getting ready, but how can I get him to start exercising and building muscle again like all the other macho, straight guys around me? I don't want the perfect male model look, but I would love to crave his body to the extreme again! It's even affecting how turned on I get!:( He keeps saying he will and said he did start doing sit ups there a while ago but gave up!:(
I keep my body in great shape for can I get him to do the same for me without offending him?

How can I have him secure in looking good? The best that he can be? People won't think he's gay because he has me, doesn't act it and even if he did dress "gay" , he wouldn't look it cuz he's manly built!
exercise together. problem solved.
You're sexy?
is anyone here a successful teen model and could they give me tips (i want to be a model/actor) and good places i NC to go to? can you post a pic so i can see what i have to get like or if im already like that? thanks for being great helps!
well im a successful teen model
im signed with ford models
i recommend sending your pictures to different agencies
and trying to get your face out there
im not posting my pic
not safe
but it wouldn't help you much anyway
because im a girl
Where to go to become a black teen supermodel in the bay area?
Hi my name is nathan johnson, im very handsome, and sexy, im shy, and quiet, i think of myself as extraordinary good looking, and im always told that i should model, and that im handosme, and i never really thought about the open doors and success i could have with it until now and i was wondering if in the bay area wher ei live...i could find any great life changing modeling agencies or contests for young teen black beginner models, or when you get a chance at being a model and you get a major magazine opportunity, or anything like that in the bay area california? please if anybody knows anything please let me knw thanks...
i guess like all kinds off mediums.
make a portfolio
get a camera, put on some undies and do some "modelling" then email it to a company.
i don't know much about male modelling but try google.…

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