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Am i a tiny bit lesbian?
Ive been with my bf for like 4 years now and i Love him with all my heart. i find him and other boys very attractive and would honestly pick a naked boy over a naked girl Any day DEFFO. but latly i find myself fantasising about other women? none i know, i just imagine a beautiful woman ive made up who i want to be. ive got with my friends at partys wen i was drunk as jokes, and i didnt feel anything. i dnt like vaginas or boobs though lol. is every girl a tiny bit lesbian or isit just me? x
You're straight, honey, with a touch of bi-curiosity. I don't know exactly how common it is, but it's not rare, and it's certainly nothing to be bothered by.
Help me, im 13 and a lesbian in a fricken tiny town!?
hi, i live in a tiny town that is so small that you can walk all the way across it in less the 10 minuets.
its more of a camp than a town because it is so small.
there are no stores, restaurants or anything, so everyone lives off organic homegrown food.
i live on a Llama ranch.
there in one school with only 80 guys, its elementary, Jr. high, AND high school all in one building.

anyway, its super homophobic and hateful. most of the people here are red necks, or Amish.
i am a lesbian and i am so lonely!

is there any SAFE teenage bisexual/gay friend sites? help!
I would pretty much say the same thing as this video but this video is much better than a written answer >.....<


Hope it helps! :3
What tiny Signs can i give my Mother to let her know that i am a Lesbian ?
well, ive opened up to the rest of my family, which includes my two sisters and one brother in law. i felt very good after that!. but in my life, my mom is the most important person. and i really want to let her know that her daughter is not straight. lol
i know that she will be really shocked and hurt when she comes to know, but she will definately accept it one day.

now, i want to do tiny things, which will make her wonder and make her ask me, what is wrong with me. i dont know if that is a good idea.
but i really dont have the guts to tell her myself!.. i want her to ask me first.. then ofcourse, i am gonna tell her the truth.

well, she knows i never had a bf, my behaviour is boyish, i always have girls photograph in my desktop wallpaper.

she has never come across a lesbian and doesnt know much about them. that is why inspite of my behaviour etc, she has never asked me.

any suggestions ???
Don't make her wonder or worry, just come out and tell her. Either way, she might be upset... you're her guy, if she loves you, she'll accept you completely. If not, she'll be angry and get over it eventually. Don't play games.
Is it normal of bis or lesbians to be a tiny bit gender dysphoric?
occasionally when I see a pretty girl butt I want to hump it like a horny dog I suppose the same way that men do. There are certain days every now and then when I don't feel quite as feminine. I love being a woman though and I'm comfortable in my skin. Is that normal? Are most people that way?
I think everyone is that way...but then I think many people would disagree! LOL!! I know my moods a preferences vary from day to day...and so does my partners!
Why do so many men think all women have had a lesbian experience?
I suppose it would be the women you know IRL. Are you referring to women who like to party? In my tiny corner of the world most girls are 100% straight. I'm straight and I find this whole experimenting thing to be repulsive but I don't party neither. Are you guys referring to girls that you meet at clubs or parties?
Those heterosexual women in college who claimed to have had a lesbian encounter bunk up statistics around 14% in my research. But the problem is are they really hetero?

How do we get those stats? From volunteers in a questionnaire? That's alarm bells for a start. A sizeable portion would be those that know they have had a same sex experience - in other words those with a non heterosexual orientation. So when you get say 14% who have had one of these encounters it actually is not the percentage of the bi/lesbian population (as that is around 1.5 to anything like 8%), but of those in there various form years in college. Besides what sexual act did they perform and also more likely the majority of that percentage would not enjoy what they did. After all they call it a "rite of passage" whatever that means. So they could be doing something they never actually desired to do.

So you have to lop off the true bi and lesbian women from the replies. Most of these bi women actually will claim heterosexuality and will never label themselves anyway.

The actual % of those who are bi and lesbian is very small in the population of a country.
What's better, having lesbian sex or straight sex?
My whole life ive thought i was gay, but i think i might be a tiny bit bi, only bcos i like this ONE guy and now i really wanna have sex with him but i still really wanna have sex with a girl..

Which is better in your opinion?
(Preferably girls answers only)
Sex with a girl, as they know more about how to please a girl. This will vary from person to person, however, as there are plenty of girls who have no idea and plenty of guys who do. Have sex with whoever you want; you can even have sex with both of them.
Yes yes i know i have tiny boobs, and someone help?
I have tiny boobs and everyone always makes fun of me by calling me flat chest and stuff like that. I hate getting into my bathsuit and layout because i always see the girls with nice boobs (no im not a lesbian) and im always self-concient..is there anyway for them...you know....get bigger?
I know what you're going through. I'm 13 years old and going to be in 8th grade and I'm flat chested. It's so frusterating because I see all my friends with developed boobs and I feel self conscious. You can always wear a padded bra to make them look bigger, but if you wear one and someone sees you in your swimsuit without any padding, they'll know that it's fake.(I made that mistake) But other than that, I guess you'll have to wait. They'll come someday. I know that you're probably tired of getting that answer.(I know I am)
Im losing attraction to guys so am i a lesbian?
Im a girl and i've always felt emotionally connected to girls and also physically attracted to them (since a really early age, like 3, 4, 5 years old) and I had little tiny crushes on guys that lasted a few days - weeks but i've had crushes on girls that've lasted a year and i'm still not over one of them completely - i'm 15 - am i a lesbian then? (if it makes a difference, i still like guy-on-guy stuff :P)
thanks xx
I've always wondered if I was a lesbian myself because guys don't interest me that much and I'm just sick of them and their personalities.
Lesbian questions for finding a roommate?
Hi i am in the process of looking for a roomate when i move to los angeles area in a couple of months. I am attracted to girls and a tiny bit into guys so I was just wondering if it is better for me to find a lesbian roomate or a straight one. Or should i go with a gay roomate. Any advice people
do you realize how many jack tripper 3's company fantasy's you are starting now?

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